Thursday, August 9, 2018

Welcome to 3rd Grade!


  • We have had a wonderful first day of school today! We have started our Saxon Math lessons, worked on team work skills in Science, and have learned a lot of new information about each other. I'm so excited for the rest of the year! 
  • Handbooks have gone home. Please review these and return the forms from the back of the book to the school by the end of next week (August 17th). 
  • If you have not paid the $40 supply fee and the $40 class dues, please send them to school with your child as soon as possible. 
What We Are Learning: 
  • Reading and Language Arts: 
    • Getting Started in Open Court
      • Students will not be tested on this week's reading selection. We will do some diagnostic testing this week to see where we are as a class. The new Open Court program includes 5 days to introduce students to the program before the actual lessons begin. 
  • Math: 
    • Saxon Lessons 3-7
      • Identifying Digits and Writing Two-Digit Numbers
      • Telling and Showing Time to the Half Hour
      • Identifying Sums, Addends, and the Commutative Property
      • Adding 0, 1, and Doubles Facts
      • Estimating Length to the Nearest Inch 
      • Identifying Properties of a Rectangle
      • Concepts of Multiplication (Repeated Addition, Equal Groups) 
  • Spelling: 
    • No Spelling Test this week. 
    • We will be reviewing spelling patterns learned last year this week. 
  • Science: 
    • Scientists and the Scientific Method 

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