Sunday, April 5, 2020

April 6-9, 2020 Work Packet Information

April 6-April 9, 2020 THIRD GRADE
All work is due Monday, April 13. You set the pace and the amount of work done each day. I emailed a sample schedule we follow every school day (without specials and lunch).
Open Court reading, language, and spelling:
Unit 5, Lesson 4
The United States Capitol, page 220
Your assignments this week are:
·        Review vocabulary.
·        Listen to the story and click on yellow highlighted vocabulary.
·        Read the story out loud once.
·        Read it silently several times before your test.
·        Complete pages 121-128 and 131-134 in our reading workbook.
·        4-Square vocab sentences: Fold notebook paper in quarters (hamburger hotdog folds). In each box, write a sentence using one vocabulary word. Underline the vocabulary word and spell it correctly. Start your sentences with capital letters and end with correct punctuation. If you have someone speaking in your sentence, use quotation marks correctly. I sent an email earlier with examples. When done, you will have four sentences. You may draw a picture under each sentence.
·        4-Square spelling sentences: Same as above but use two spelling words in each sentence. This is tricky and fun!
·        Spelling test and reading test

Saxon math:
Lessons 103, 104, 105-1 (Fact Assessment is highlighted in orange), 105-2 (Fact Assessment and Written Assessment are both highlighted in orange). Assessments are to be completed alone. I will email directions for Lesson 105-1 lesson’s worksheet.

Liberty’s Legacy:
Unit 6, American Figures
Watch the videos, complete vocabulary page 26 (send me a sceenshot of this), workbook pages 13-14, and the handout with questions (will be returned to me in the packet).

Monday- If you could be one character in a movie, who would you be and why?
Tuesday- What were you like as a baby?
Wednesday-Where would you love to go on vacation?
Thursday- What does Easter mean to you? (If your family doesn’t celebrate Easter, write about spring!)
Send me a screenshot of one or all of these!

Complete one page a day. You’ll laugh at this…. I don’t have a handwriting book with me and I can’t remember what page they’re on!!

Parents, do the best you can and be easy on yourself. This is not the time to worry and be anxious over school work. If it says use a red pencil and all you have left is blue, that’s fine. If you decide to do all the work on Monday and Tuesday, that’s fine.

Coach Caleb has made PE videos. They will be available on social media. Miss Janice has included music work for fun in our packets.

I met with Miss Emily, 4th grade teacher. I asked her what our children really really need to know before next school year. She said simply PLEASE have your child read, read, read, and memorize addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts. Memorize, not counting on fingers.

Students may color and decorate work envelopes. Please don’t use markers… they’re not Lysol friendly. These packets were prepared and left alone over three days to allow germs to go away!!! Don’t hesitate to text or call or email. Keep your eye out for our Zoom meeting invitation! Love you all!

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Work Packet Information March 30-April 3, 2020

EDITED March 30, 2020 at 5:00pm
Dear Family,
I’m not sending work for March 19 and 20. Consider it an early spring break! This work below is for March 30-April 3. This is unchartered territory for us so here we go!!
            It’s important we stay connected. I will use our Remind texting account to give information. No one sees your responses but me. You can access this letter from the Lakeside website Go to About, then Faculty and Staff, then Suzann Tibbs, then Teacher Blog.
            I’m not assigning by the day of the week. I’ll let you determine what is done when. All work should be completed by Sunday, April 5 and saved to return to school when this crisis is over. Please don’t work ahead in the reading workbook!

Reading, Spelling, and English:
Open Court Unit 5, Lesson 3, How Congress Works (username and passwords are in binders)
Notice in Open Court’s Skill Practice workbook, the number of the unit and lesson are at the bottom of the page. This week the assignments are pages 107 to 120. Use the following link to listen to the story. Students should read the story several times. They will write sentences with the vocabulary words. Another day, write sentences with spelling words. You will administer a spelling test Friday if you wish. Extra activities are writing antonyms (opposites) and synonyms (the same) for our words.

Social Studies:
Liberty’s Legacy A Nation of Immigrants is the lesson this week. Go to the website below and watch the videos. Complete pages 11-12 as well as page 25 (vocabulary) in the workbook.

Saxon lessons 99 thru 102 are in this packet. Notice Lesson 100 is over two days (100-1 and 100-2). If it says assessment at the top right corner, it is to be done totally alone. Ideas: Use the plastic folder and dry erase pen to practice math. Put Saxon papers inside (if you do this, make sure they write the answers on the actual paper when done as it must be returned to school) or create math problems on paper, slip in the folder, they answer, erase and begin again! Multiplication facts need to be memorized. You can work on them all. There are too many free apps to list. We MUST memorize multiplication facts before we enter 4th grade.

Your child may complete one page a day.

Students write the date and write in their journal every day. Give them a topic (examples: what if I were home schooled, favorite book, what I would do with a million dollars, etc.).

We are unable to take AR tests at home. See email sent home March 30 for fabulous AR news! Yippeeee!

Your child may complete reading workbook pages prior to page 107. DO NOT WORK BEYOND PAGE 120!!

There are three pages included our binders that have fun, random activities to do. You may devise a way to select which ones.

Practice measuring with rulers, yardsticks, cups, teaspoons, etc.

Let them write letters to grandparents, aunts, uncles. We’ve learned the parts of a letter and how to address an envelope. Great practical application of knowledge!

If you find a good app, share with me and I’ll pass along. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. This, too, shall pass.          Miss Suzann 334.695.3764

Websites with activities:

Monday, March 16, 2020

March 16, 2020

March 16, 2020
Dear Family,
          Wow! Our world has gone a little crazy. We spent the morning talking about corona in an age appropriate way. I reassured our babies we are closing school to help us stay healthy. I encourage you to answer your child’s questions truthfully but without elaboration. Less is more. Answer only what they ask! (You can follow this advice about any of their life questions, by the way!)
We are in the midst of planning how we will continue with instruction after spring break. In the meantime, make sure you have your child’s login and password for Open Court and Accelerated Reader. If you don’t, let me know NOW. It will be very important for you to read our Remind texts while we are out. I can tell you now for math we need to spend time memorizing addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts. There are tons of fun resources online and I’ll share as I find them. I’ll be sending home Saxon worksheets as well.
          I’m keeping the school day as normal as possible. Yes, we will have reading and spelling tests Wednesday. I assure you it will be alright and don’t panic about grades.
           Our story is Every Vote Counts. We will study the prefixes ex, en/em, dis, and auto. We will continue subject and verb agreement (a weakness indicated on the results of last week test) and will review past, present, and future tense of verbs.
          In math we will learn about mixed numbers (example one and one half); measuring and drawing line segments to the nearest quarter inch; and multiplying by 4.
          Our book fair will continue thru Wednesday. Send money! Love you all, Miss Suzann

March 9, 2020

March 9, 2020
Dear Family,
            We are collecting boxes of granola bars for our SGA. These are due Friday. Thank you for already sending some!
            Our Book Fair begins this week. We will preview Thursday and begin purchasing Friday.
          Reading and spelling tests will be this Thursday, March 12. I will not be here Friday.       
We begin a new unit in reading: GOVERNMENT AT WORK. Our story is The Road to Democracy. We will learn about several prefixes. I’ve included a study guide for these. You can discuss these as your child studies spelling words. We will also review pronouns and learn about subject and verb agreement. Please make sure you are reviewing vocabulary words at home.
In math, we will continue work on multiplying by 3; learn units of weight and mass (ounces, pounds, tons, grams, kilograms); subtracting across zeroes; telling and showing time to the quarter hour; showing fractional amounts greater than one; and writing mixed numbers.
In social studies we will continue learning about America. This ties in with our reading unit!
Spring pictures are Thursday. Children may wear the outfit of their choice if they are not retaking their photo for the yearbook. Yearbook pictures require wearing uniforms.
Today was the last day to take AR tests. Report cards come home Friday. John Collin’s birthday is next Monday and we are having pizza at lunch.
Teaching and Loving Yours, Miss Suzann

Monday, March 2, 2020

March 2, 2020

March 2, 2020
Dear Family,
          Our story this week is Is This Panama? Since it’s the last story in this unit, our spelling words are all review. Your child should read our story every night.
          In math we are learning how to subtract 2 and 3 digit numbers; comparing and ordering fractions (1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/8); adding and subtracting these same fractions; and multiplying by 3.
          We are continuing to enjoy Liberty’s Legacy lessons in social studies!
          This week we are celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday and Read Across America. Tomorrow we wear uniforms and a Cat in the Hat hat. Wednesday we will dress patriotically (no uniform). Friday we will wear crazy socks!
          Spring pictures are being rescheduled due to exams.
          Last day to take an AR test is Monday, March 9. The end of the third nine weeks is Tuesday, March 10. Report cards come home Friday, March 13.
          Next week we will have our reading and spelling tests on Thursday, March 12.
          Teaching and Loving Yours, Miss Suzann

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Dr. Suess Week

Monday-no dress up day listed.  School uniform.
Tuesday-no dress up day listed.  School uniform.
Wednesday-  Everyone wears either RED or BLUE or anything patriotic.  Uniform not required.
Thursday-no dress up day listed.  School uniform.
Friday-uniform not required, wear crazy socks or mixed colors of socks.

Monday, February 24, 2020

February 24, 2020

February 24, 2020
Dear Family,
          Our story this week is Ecosystem Invaders. We are really enjoying this unit on animals. I have a room full of zoologists! We will learn about roots of words ast (star), graph (write), log (word or study), and scop (see).
          In math, we are learning how to estimate and find the area of a triangle; finding the sum of 3 addends; dividing by 2 and 5; and working backwards to solve a problem. I love Saxon math and am amazed at what our children have learned.
          In social studies, we will continue our work with Liberty’s Legacy. We will also talk about imports and exports for our great state of Alabama.
          I’m sure you’ve noticed we are writing our spelling words in cursive after we print them. Help your child remember to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.
          Next week is Read Across America Week. Look out for information posted on social media. Tuesday, March 3 we will wear The Cat in the Hat hats. Wednesday, March 4 we will wear patriotic, red, or blue clothes. Friday, March 6 is crazy socks day! Fun fun fun!
          Teaching and Loving Yours, Miss Suzann