Monday, March 16, 2020

March 16, 2020

March 16, 2020
Dear Family,
          Wow! Our world has gone a little crazy. We spent the morning talking about corona in an age appropriate way. I reassured our babies we are closing school to help us stay healthy. I encourage you to answer your child’s questions truthfully but without elaboration. Less is more. Answer only what they ask! (You can follow this advice about any of their life questions, by the way!)
We are in the midst of planning how we will continue with instruction after spring break. In the meantime, make sure you have your child’s login and password for Open Court and Accelerated Reader. If you don’t, let me know NOW. It will be very important for you to read our Remind texts while we are out. I can tell you now for math we need to spend time memorizing addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts. There are tons of fun resources online and I’ll share as I find them. I’ll be sending home Saxon worksheets as well.
          I’m keeping the school day as normal as possible. Yes, we will have reading and spelling tests Wednesday. I assure you it will be alright and don’t panic about grades.
           Our story is Every Vote Counts. We will study the prefixes ex, en/em, dis, and auto. We will continue subject and verb agreement (a weakness indicated on the results of last week test) and will review past, present, and future tense of verbs.
          In math we will learn about mixed numbers (example one and one half); measuring and drawing line segments to the nearest quarter inch; and multiplying by 4.
          Our book fair will continue thru Wednesday. Send money! Love you all, Miss Suzann

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