Sunday, April 5, 2020

April 6-9, 2020 Work Packet Information

April 6-April 9, 2020 THIRD GRADE
All work is due Monday, April 13. You set the pace and the amount of work done each day. I emailed a sample schedule we follow every school day (without specials and lunch).
Open Court reading, language, and spelling:
Unit 5, Lesson 4
The United States Capitol, page 220
Your assignments this week are:
·        Review vocabulary.
·        Listen to the story and click on yellow highlighted vocabulary.
·        Read the story out loud once.
·        Read it silently several times before your test.
·        Complete pages 121-128 and 131-134 in our reading workbook.
·        4-Square vocab sentences: Fold notebook paper in quarters (hamburger hotdog folds). In each box, write a sentence using one vocabulary word. Underline the vocabulary word and spell it correctly. Start your sentences with capital letters and end with correct punctuation. If you have someone speaking in your sentence, use quotation marks correctly. I sent an email earlier with examples. When done, you will have four sentences. You may draw a picture under each sentence.
·        4-Square spelling sentences: Same as above but use two spelling words in each sentence. This is tricky and fun!
·        Spelling test and reading test

Saxon math:
Lessons 103, 104, 105-1 (Fact Assessment is highlighted in orange), 105-2 (Fact Assessment and Written Assessment are both highlighted in orange). Assessments are to be completed alone. I will email directions for Lesson 105-1 lesson’s worksheet.

Liberty’s Legacy:
Unit 6, American Figures
Watch the videos, complete vocabulary page 26 (send me a sceenshot of this), workbook pages 13-14, and the handout with questions (will be returned to me in the packet).

Monday- If you could be one character in a movie, who would you be and why?
Tuesday- What were you like as a baby?
Wednesday-Where would you love to go on vacation?
Thursday- What does Easter mean to you? (If your family doesn’t celebrate Easter, write about spring!)
Send me a screenshot of one or all of these!

Complete one page a day. You’ll laugh at this…. I don’t have a handwriting book with me and I can’t remember what page they’re on!!

Parents, do the best you can and be easy on yourself. This is not the time to worry and be anxious over school work. If it says use a red pencil and all you have left is blue, that’s fine. If you decide to do all the work on Monday and Tuesday, that’s fine.

Coach Caleb has made PE videos. They will be available on social media. Miss Janice has included music work for fun in our packets.

I met with Miss Emily, 4th grade teacher. I asked her what our children really really need to know before next school year. She said simply PLEASE have your child read, read, read, and memorize addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts. Memorize, not counting on fingers.

Students may color and decorate work envelopes. Please don’t use markers… they’re not Lysol friendly. These packets were prepared and left alone over three days to allow germs to go away!!! Don’t hesitate to text or call or email. Keep your eye out for our Zoom meeting invitation! Love you all!

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