Thursday, January 24, 2019

January 28 - February 1, 2019


    January 31:   Mid-year Honors Program at 1:00 to recognize students with all As and all As/Bs the

          first or second nine weeks.  Great job!

     The students are learning the song "You in the USA."  They will be singing it on February 8

          when we go to Eufaula Community Center for the Kick Off Program for Liberty's

          Legacy.  You can go on YouTube and find the song (also referred to as Only You).

          This way the students will be able to practice it at home.

     February 14 at 2:00 - Valentine party.  I will send home the list of 17 students in about

          a week in case your child wants to prepare and deliver Valentine cards to the class.

          Don't you just love Valentine's Day!?!

What We Are Learning

     Reading - Our story is Arbor Day Square.

     English - Word Analysis

     Spelling - Review Sounds

     Math - Roman Numerals, Ordinal Position, Money, Adding Three-Digit Numbers

     Social Studies - Compass Rose, Parts of a Map, Reading a Map

Dates To Remember

     Tuesday, Jan. 29 - 5 Minute Test on 100 Addition Facts

      Friday, Feb. 1 - Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary Tests

     Tuesday, Feb. 5 - Test on Parts of a Map

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