Sunday, March 31, 2019

April 1 - 5, 2019


     Farm Day - April 2  We will leave school on the bus about 8:40 and return around 11:40.  Please
          wear your Field Day t-shirt if you have one.

      April 5 - Dismissal will be at 12:00.

     April 8 - Spring Picture Day and Liberty's Legacy Celebration
          Please wear what you plan on for pictures.   Then I will let students change
          into the Liberty's Legacy t-shirts for the celebration.  (We have not received the
          shirts yet.  They should arrive around midweek.)   For the celebration we will leave school
          on the bus around 11:45 and return by 2:00, I think.

April 19 - Good Friday Holiday

April 22 - 25 Aspire Test Week.  The students will take one component each day (reading, math,
          English, writing, science).  The tests will give us a baseline for each student.  When                              the students take the tests again in fifth grade and eighth grade, progress can be assessed.

What We Are Learning:

     Reading - No new selection since this is a review week.  Work on reading AR.

     Vocabulary - Test will be Thursday since Friday is early dismissal day.

     Spelling - Review words - Test on Friday

     Grammar - Review week - Test on Friday

     Social Studies - We will have some fun doing Liberty's Legacy lessons as we look forward
          to the Celebration on April 8.

     Math - Adding money amounts, Division story problems, Multiplying a multiple of
          10, 100, 1000 by a single-digit number.  No facts test or math test  this week since we will miss
          math on Tuesday (field trip) and Friday (half day of school).

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