Monday, December 9, 2019

December 9, 2019

Dear Family,                                                           December 9, 2019
          Reminder we don’t have reading or spelling tests this week. I hope you enjoy the break as much as the students will!
          In math, we will learn about cups, tablespoons, and teaspoons; reading a recipe; writing fractions; subtracting a multiple of 10 from a number using mental computation; and estimating differences between two tw0-digit numbers. This is a great time of year to practice measuring and reading recipes! Over the holidays maybe you can fit in some kitchen math. Don’t forget we already know gallons, half gallons, quarts, and pints.
          You may know this from the group text last night but just as a reminder… at our party Friday, December 20, we will exchange $10 gift cards. The card should be wrapped and appropriate for a girl or a boy. Amy Watson, bookkeeper in our main office, has SEVERAL $10 gift cards for different fast food restaurants. You are welcome to check with her if you are interested. Each student will also bring an unwrapped baby item to donate to an expectant mother in need. Send both items by Monday, December 16.
                                                Teaching and loving yours,
                                                                   Miss Suzann

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