Thursday, September 13, 2018

September 17th- 21st


  • I will be out of town this week. Please call the school office if you need anything or send me an email. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Mrs. Pam Jones will be subbing Monday- Wednesday. She will be taking over the class when I start maternity leave after Christmas. I truly believe she will do an excellent job. She is a retired elementary teacher, and will be coming and helping in our room often to get to know the students and our routines. 
  • Since I will be out this week, graded papers for this week will go on home on Tuesday of next week instead of Monday. I will need some time to catch up on grading. I will also update the blog when I get back in town over the weekend. Mrs. Pam will pass out papers from last week on September 17th. Please be sure to sign your child's folder. 
  • Please encourage students to keep reading their AR books. We need to work on getting our comprehension percentage to 85%. 
  • Progress reports are due Tuesday, September 18th. 
What We Are Learning: 
  • Math: 
    • Saxon Lessons 23-26
      • Counting Dimes, Nickels, and Pennies
      • Writing Fractions Using the Fraction Bar
      • Addition Facts: Adding 9 
      • Multiplication Facts: Multiplying by 3 
      • Writing Fraction Number Sentences that Equal 1 
      • Identifying Dozen and Half Dozen
      • Writing a Fraction to Show Part of a Set 
  • Reading: 
    • The Prairie Fire 
  • Grammar: 
    • Dialogue and Using Quotation Marks
  • Spelling: 
    • /m/ Spelled _mb; /n/ Spelled kn_; /r/ spelled wr_; /f/ spelled ph; /w/ spelled wh; Irregular Plurals 
  • Science: 
    • Living and Non-Living Things & Life Cycles 
Important Dates: 
  • Wednesday, September 19th- Addition Fact Test; Force and Motion Science Test
  • Thursday, September 20th- Saxon Math Test 4
  • Friday, September 21st- Spelling and Reading Tests
  • Monday, September 24th- Multiplying by 3 Test 

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