Friday, November 30, 2018

December 3rd-7th


  • Habitat project supplies are due on Tuesday, December 4th. 
  • Keep encouraging students to read their AR books and take tests. They are doing a great job and are all pretty close to meeting their goal this nine weeks! 
  • Be reviewing all multiplication facts at home with your child. We will have a review test on all of our facts on December 13th. Students need to have their facts memorized. This will help with learning their division facts, and math concepts in 3rd grade and beyond. 
What We Are Learning: 
  • Reading: 
    • The Harlem Renaissance
  • English: 
    • Identifying Subordinating and Coordinating Conjunctions 
      • Make sure your child memorizes that and, but, or are coordinating conjunctions and although, until, while are subordinating conjunctions.
  • Writing: 
    • Writing a Tall Tale
    • Writing Letters to Santa 
  • Spelling: 
    • Long o Sound and /ow/ Sound 
  • Science: 
    • Habitats and Biomes 
  • Math: 
    • Reviewing all multiplication facts 
    • Saxon Lessons 56-59
      • Acting out, drawing pictures, and writing number sentences for equal groups stories
      • Identifying and drawing lines of symmetry
      • Writing division problems in three ways
      • Dividing by 10, 7, and 1
      • Identifying Quotients 
Important Dates: 
  • Monday, December 3rd- Saxon Math Tests
  • Tuesday, December 4th- Science Test; Poster Supplies Due 
  • Friday, December 7th- Reading and Spelling Tests 

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