Friday, November 30, 2018

Habitat Project

Science Project
 Habitat Poster

Dear Parents,
            We have been studying ecosystems, food chains, and biomes in Science. To conclude this unit, I would like to do an in-class project with the students the week of December 3rd. This project will count for a test grade. They will need to bring some supplies from home to complete their project. Please have these supplies at school by Tuesday, December 4th. You may send them early if you’d like.
            Students will create a poster of one of Earth’s habitats that we have discussed in class. Students may choose one of the following habitats: ocean, lake, arctic, forest, rainforest, or desert. I would like students to show a complete food chain on their poster. They will need to label the plants and animals in their food chain. Students will need to print pictures of the animals and plants. These can be black and white or color. You may want to include other plants and animals that are not in your food chain to help fill up your poster. Students will present their projects to the class and tell about their food chain. I would suggest discussing the project with your child at home so they can have a plan before we start working in class.

Materials students need to bring to school for this project:
·        1 Thin White Poster
·        Plants and Animals (printed)
·        We have glue, construction paper, markers, scissors, and crayons in class. Students can bring any additional supplies from home to use if they would like to.

Example of a complete food chain:
                        Acorn, Squirrel, Snake, Hawk

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