Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Dear Family,                                                                      September 16, 2019
            School pictures are this Wednesday! Students wear uniforms. We WILL have our pictures made before PE so we won’t be red-faced and sweaty.
            Last day for homecoming shirt orders is tomorrow. You’ll also find an order form for Breast Cancer Awareness pink t-shirt.
            We are working on common and proper nouns. You can work on this as you ride down the street! Talk about things you see as a common noun (restaurant) and what the proper noun would be (Burger King). You can think of tons!
            In science, we are continuing life cycles and living versus non-living things.  Great work on our weather related science test!!
      Our story this week is Bummer and Lazarus. It’s a great one!
            Thank you and hugs to:
·        Porter for our homemade cookies
·        “Miss” Gina Nixon for watching our class a few minutes Tuesday morning
·        Logan for picking up pinecones every single day from where we land if we play on the slide

Teaching and Loving yours,
            Miss Suzann

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