Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Dear Family,                                                                      September 9, 2019
          I hope you’ve had time to log in to Open Court Reading (to find our story and other skills we are covering), Accelerated Reader (to view your child’s progress in AR), and iNOW (to view your child’s attendance and grades). If you have trouble with any of these, please let me know.
          Lakeside collects Box Tops for Education. You may send these in any time. We also recycle ink cartridges and receive a small amount of money for each we mail in. Send these in a plastic sandwich bag so the ink won’t get on things in your child’s bookbag.
          Charleston Wrap orders are due tomorrow. Other upcoming dates: School pictures are on September 18. Scholastic Book Club orders are due September 25.
          Our Pom Pom girls did a great job Friday! I was so proud of them! This Friday will wear decade attire. Select your favorite decade. I have many from which to choose. Hahaha!
          I read our test on Little Havana aloud to the class. We will continue our study of nouns and verbs. Remember we aren’t following Open Courts’ English skills progression. It’s a tad too difficult too quickly in my opinion. You may notice on our reading tests that a couple of pages were skipped.
          WOW! I can tell we have been working on simple addition and subtraction facts! Our scores are improving daily.  Let your child show you how he/she can count money. We’ve used dimes, nickels, and pennies.
          In science, we took a break from life cycles to take advantage of all the news reports on Hurricane Dorian.  Ask your child some of the things we’ve discussed to reduce the impact of weather-related hazards. We will continue learning about living vs non-living things and life cycles.
          Thank you to Edyn for our yummy donuts last week!
                                      Loving and Teaching Yours,
                                                           Miss Suzann

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