Monday, January 13, 2020


1.  Monday, January 13 we will be taking a school wide photo and possible video.  All students, faculty and staff will participate.  Faculty and staff should wear a blue or white top.  K-9 students should wear either blue, white, or plaid uniform. No black, no gray. Preschool and 10-12 should wear a blue or white top. Please communicate this information with your parents by adding to your newsletter, blog or remind account.  We appreciate your cooperation as we kick off a new marketing campaign and gear up for open enrollment.

2. Third grade will be able to buy Chik-fil-a biscuits Tuesdays and Thursdays before school. The sausage or bacon biscuit is $2.50. The chicken biscuit is $3.00. This is a fundraiser for the junior class. When the announcement is made, they may walk to Kim Beaty’s room to purchase their breakfast. Fourth grade has already been participating so they can guide us. They will eat outside then return to the academic center. This will need to take place before the war chant starts at 7:45am.

3. Fridays are our new Show and Tell day. Apparently, we have tons we want to show! Students may bring anything that will fit in their bookbag to show the class. Please don’t send anything irreplaceable.

4. If you’re having trouble logging on to the new AR site, please email Mrs. Shoemaker at

                                                       Thank you! Miss Suzann

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