Monday, January 13, 2020

January 13, 2020

Dear Family,                                                                                               January 13, 2020
            Count your blessings if the flu hasn’t hit your household! We’ve had some sick children. Every afternoon I’m wiping desks and chairs with Clorox wipes. I started spraying the room with Lysol last week and will continue as Flu B is airborne. We are coughing and sneezing into the inside of our shirts!!
            This week our story is The Dancing Bird of Paradise. We will learn about words with the same base word or root word.  Some of us didn’t do as well last week on our reading test. I don’t know if we were getting over the holidays or getting sick! I’ve added points to your child’s grade because maybe I didn’t teach the material as well as I should’ve. Your child needs to read the story every night….from the book, not a device. Research shows comprehension is better when pages are turned. It also helps them remember where certain information is in the story. Our tests are open book so reading from the actual text helps.
            I am so pleased with our math successes! Mrs. Teresa Manning from the upper school visited us and taught us “Around the World” to better learn our facts. She reminded us in math we must be accurate, not necessarily fast. I’m adding a bit of time to our timed test to alleviate any anxiety. Continue to push for one minute on 25 facts. This week we will begin subtracting two-digit numbers; writing to 1,000 using words; adding and subtracting multiples of 100; multiplying by 2; and patterns.
            We start social studies today! We will begin with comparing maps and globes, a compass rose, and intermediate directions (southwest, northeast, etc.).
            Only 6th-12th grades may have smart watches or cellphones at school (page 23 of our handbook).
                                                Teaching and Loving Yours,
                                                                        Miss Suzann

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