Tuesday, January 21, 2020

January 21, 2020

January 21, 2020
Dear Family,
          Brrrrrrrrrr! I hope you enjoyed your long weekend.
          This week we will read Arbor Day Square. With no new grammar skills this week, we will review adverbs and adjectives. Our spelling words are all review as well.
          Speaking of Arbor Day, I am planning a field trip February 18 to the farmers’ market downtown for our city’s 10:00am celebration of trees! Please let me know this week if you would like to drive. Details will come home later.
          In math, we will continue working on multiplying by 2; drawing and reading a line graph; telling and showing time to the minute; rounding to the nearest hundred; and estimating sums and differences of three-digit numbers. Continue to practice facts daily!
          Friday, January 24, is the 100th day of school. Please let your child count out 100 items… anything that will fit in a Ziplock bag (M&M’s, Q-tips, pennies, raisins, buttons, etc.) and bring to school. If they would like, they may dress as an elderly person!
          We will continue our study of maps and globes. A study guide is coming home today to help you if you’ve forgotten terms associated with both. I don’t have a date for our test yet. I need to make sure those who’ve been sick are caught up.
          Teaching and Loving Yours, Miss Suzann

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