Monday, February 10, 2020

February 10, 2020

February 10, 2020
Dear Family,
          FIELD TRIP TOMORROW! Becky McPherson is driving us to the community center. We will leave at 9: 10. You are invited to attend the Liberty’s Legacy kickoff celebration at 9:30am. It will last about an hour then we will return to school for our normal lunch, etc. Wear school uniforms. You are welcome to come get your child from the program if you’re traveling to the LSC basketball game.
          Our story is Albert Einstein and the Mighty Ants. Our suffixes are -ion, -tion, -sion, and -al. I was so pleased with our spelling grades last week! Some of those words were HARD. We will also learn more about capitalization and commas.
          In math, we will learn how to find the square root of a perfect square (the answers to 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, etc.); area of a square; adding money using a decimal; reading temperature on the Celsius scale (Wait until you see our temperature chart we’ve been working on since January! We are great scientists and mathematicians!); and identifying the number of days in months and a year. Continue to practice addition and subtraction facts as well as multiplication.
          In social studies, we will begin learning about population of geographical areas and reasons it varies through history. And of course, we will focus on fun lessons provided by Liberty’s Legacy (which is correlated to Alabama standards).
          Friday we will celebrate Valentine’s Day…twice! Jenni Brooks is bringing lunch for us so we will not be going to the lunchroom. Then at 1:20, we are partying again! Gina Nixon and Jenni are our hearts for planning this!
          Looking ahead! Put these field trip dates on your calendar:
February 18: Arbor Day celebration downtown; lunch at Burger King; Mindy Mogren, Gina Nixon, and Becky McPherson are driving us. We will read our poem aloud. I’d rather you spend time memorizing math facts than our poem.
March 20: Farm Day behind Eufaula Elementary School. We will all need a lunch from home. You are welcome to come spend the morning with us 9:00-11:30. We will rotate stations to learn about poultry, row crops, fruits & vegetables, animals, equipment, and fisheries. Thank you, Allie Logan with the Barbour County Extension service. Transportation TBD.
April 15: Liberty’s Legacy Celebration at the city auditorium. The program is 12:30-1:30 and you are invited to attend. Transportation TBD.

Teaching and Loving Yours,
Miss Suzann

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