Wednesday, February 19, 2020

February 19, 2020

February 19, 2020
Dear Family,
          I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am of our class! Yesterday’s field trip was wonderful. We had so many adults comment on our behavior. Thank you to Mindy Mogren, Gina Nixon, and Becky McPherson for driving us! We won two magnolia trees our city horticulture department will come help us plant on our campus. The tree our children brought home is a peppermint crepe myrtle. Keep it outside in water if you don’t have time to plant it yet. I’d start it out in a pot then transfer it to your yard next spring.
          Our story is Amazing Animals and we love it. We are learning about the suffixes -ness and -er. Content words (words having to do with a certain subject) and base words are also in our skills for the week. We are reviewing subject (what or who the sentence is about) and predicate (what the subject does).
          In math, we are learning to multiply by 0 and 5; commutative property (5x2 and 2x5 are the same as well as 3+4 and 4+3); measuring with feet, yards, meters; number of inches in a foot and yard, centimeters in a meter; making and drawing arrays (a design that depicts a multiplication fact… 3x2 would be shown with 3 rows of 2).
          In social studies, we are learning about producers and consumers. We start our Liberty’s Legacy books this week, too!
          Looking ahead, the first week in March we will celebrate Dr. Suess’ birthday. Tuesday, March 3, we will wear Cat in the Hat hats if you want to buy one or make one. March 4, Wednesday, we wear patriotic clothes or red or blue. Friday, March 6, we wear crazy socks.
Loving and Teaching Yours, Miss Suzann

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