Monday, February 24, 2020

February 24, 2020

February 24, 2020
Dear Family,
          Our story this week is Ecosystem Invaders. We are really enjoying this unit on animals. I have a room full of zoologists! We will learn about roots of words ast (star), graph (write), log (word or study), and scop (see).
          In math, we are learning how to estimate and find the area of a triangle; finding the sum of 3 addends; dividing by 2 and 5; and working backwards to solve a problem. I love Saxon math and am amazed at what our children have learned.
          In social studies, we will continue our work with Liberty’s Legacy. We will also talk about imports and exports for our great state of Alabama.
          I’m sure you’ve noticed we are writing our spelling words in cursive after we print them. Help your child remember to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.
          Next week is Read Across America Week. Look out for information posted on social media. Tuesday, March 3 we will wear The Cat in the Hat hats. Wednesday, March 4 we will wear patriotic, red, or blue clothes. Friday, March 6 is crazy socks day! Fun fun fun!
          Teaching and Loving Yours, Miss Suzann

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