Monday, February 3, 2020

February 3, 2020

February 3, 2020
Dear Family,
            Our story this week is A Saguaro’s Story. We will learn about the suffixes      -ful, -less, -able, and -ity. We will also review abbreviations. Every morning, we have a Daily Language Review. I am pleased at our growth. Dialogue is tricky… we forget quotation marks and commas.
            In math, we will learn ordinal numbers (first, fifteenth, etc.); reading and writing money amounts to $1,000; writing checks; counting out coins; subtracting 7, 8, and 9; drawing a picture or table to simplify a problem; and predict by collecting data. CONTINUE WORKING ON MULTIPLICATION FACTS!
            In social studies we are talking about ways our environment is affected by humans. We will begin our work with Liberty’s Legacy this month! This is a fantastic program. We will learn about citizenship and our country. The kickoff for all local third graders is Tuesday, February 11, at 9:30 at the community center. Becky McPherson is driving us over. We should be back on campus before 11:00. April 15 we will attend our celebration at the city auditorium. I need each child’s t-shirt size ASAP. You may text me or send a note. Be sure to indicate youth or adult sizes.
            We wrote our spelling words in cursive on our test! Some of us enjoyed this thoroughly…. Some did not! Bless! I graded the printed manuscript version.
            February 18 we will travel to our farmer’s market for the Arbor Day celebration. We need to memorize the poem “Trees are the Kindest Things I Know” located in your child’s binder. They will say this with me as I am the tree annually at this event! Thank you to those volunteering to drive. We will have lunch at Burger King. No preordering…they may order what they like. Details coming home soon about this trip.
            On-line Book Club orders are due Monday, February 10.
            Flu is making a comeback in our room. We are continuing to wipe down desks. I spray every afternoon and morning. Remind your baby we need to cough and/or sneeze down into our shirts!
            Teaching and Loving Yours, Miss Suzann

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