Friday, October 4, 2019

Lif Cycles Science Project

Science Project on Life Cycles
Assigned October 3, due October 10
On a white piece of posterboard, draw the stages of a living thing. You may choose from:
·        Butterfly (eggs, caterpillar, chrysalis, adult butterfly)
·        Frog (eggs, tadpole, grows arms and legs, tail shrinks, adult frog)
·        Chicken (egg, chick grows in egg, baby chick hatches, adult chicken)
·        Ladybug (eggs, larva, pupa, adult ladybug)
·        Butterbean (seed, roots from seed, stem and leaves, flowers and bean pods)
We’ve discussed all of these in class and watched videos on some of them.
All pictures should be drawn by the student (no printed pictures or cutouts from magazines). I am looking for original drawings by my third grader. Markers, colored pencils, crayons, and/or paint are all acceptable.
Label the drawings (not printed out from a computer or label maker).
I would suggest your child plan out where he/she will locate each drawing on the poster using a piece of copy paper or notebook paper. Arrows may be used to show the cycle.
20 points for neatness
20 points for spelling
20 points for accurate information
20 points for effort in drawing
20 points for following directions

This should be completed totally by the student. I am excited to see their work!

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