Monday, October 28, 2019

October 28, 2019

Dear Family,                                                                                              October 28, 2019
            I was so proud of our report card grades last week! I hope you noticed the new AR reading levels from our STAR testing. You might’ve traveled in a stratus cloud this morning. You may call it fog but we are scientists and say stratus!
In math this week, we will study adding two-digit numbers using mental computation; naming line segments; equilateral triangle (all sides are the same length), isosceles triangle (two sides are the same length), and scalene triangle (all sides are different lengths); identifying a missing digit in addition; and…..drum roll… multiplying by 1 and by 10, factor and product. Don’t stop practicing addition facts! Saxon includes them on tests throughout the year.
            Our story is Get the Facts. We will talk about homographs: words spelled the same way but pronounced differently depending on their use in a sentence. I am elated we are reading so well! And more importantly, comprehending!!
            Congratulations to Katelyn, John Collin, Harper, Mason, Ella, and Daryn for meeting their AR goals the first nine weeks!
            We’ve been BOO-ED! Thank you, Miss Mindy! We shall have fun eating all that candy!
            Third grade has been asked to sing at LSC’s Veterans Day program Friday, November 8, at 8:15am on the football field. We will sing “This Land Is Your Land”.  I’m sending home the words. Please practice!
            This is Red Ribbon Week. Tomorrow is crazy socks, Thursday is LSC attire or a costume (no masks), and Friday is Hippy Day!
            Please allow your child to be responsible for his/her binder. They know what to leave at home, what to return to school, and what stays in the binder.
            My “Lakeside Ladies” need to review the dress code on page 28-29 of our handbook. You may locate it online if you’ve misplaced yours. The length of skorts, skirts, dresses, and jumpers must be 3 inches above the knee or longer. I’m not so crazy to measure and if it’s 4 inches punish anyone but some of ours are way above three inches.     
Loving and Teaching Yours, Miss Suzann

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